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Prescription Diet™ Canine k/d™

Prescription Diet™ k/d™ Canine is formulated by veterinarians to help manage dogs with kidney disease.

Key Benefits

  • Clinically proven to help maintain quality of life in kidney patients
  • Helps to neutralise free radicals as it contains high level of antioxidants
  • Clinically proven to help dogs with chronic kidney failure show fewer signs of disease
  • Great taste and texture with tender chunks and delicious gravy that releases tempting aromas and flavours

    Please consult your vet for further information and guidance on what is best for your dog.


  • 2kg
  • 5kg
  • 12kg
  • 14kg

A 370g can is equal to 130 grams of the dry food.9

These ranges are a starting point only, because dogs' needs vary.1,2Adjust the feeding amount to maitain optimal body weight.


As FedDry Matter
Non-protein calories88 %
Target urinary pH6.8 - 7.2
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